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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Location: Randy's c=first period classroom -

The twilight of dawn trickles away as a new beginning for the tired laborer starts... I'll grab my pencil and do as i am told, for i am just a cog in the machine that turns and contributes to the future of our society.

Hey randy can i borrow a pencil

The light of the classroom Mr. Mashiro, giving you this pencil is the least I can do for the services you've done to keep us in high spirits all the time. Your work is more than greatly appreciated.

Haha! Thanks :)

Hey i heard it's your birthday. Happy birthday!! What kind of cake do you like?

The bliss of eating sweet confectioneries is a luxury i can expect on this occasion. I care not for the flavor as the mere act of receiving is enough for me. However, I enjoy Chocolate.

...okay cool!

location - Lunch room -

Good "morning" RANDY~ I hope you've been good on "your" special DAY~

The innocence of the pure spring water splashing in my face, greeting me with "hellos" and "how do you dos".

The water is independent, it doesn't need me or anyone to survive. I am the one who relies on it, never knowing when it may leave me. Good morning Kanata.

(doesn't understand what he said) I have a "question" for you~ Rakkun

The joy of feeling wanted cannot be expressed gr-

If you "could" have um... an.... event.... anywhere in the "world"... or school... Where would it be?

The gates of heaven welcoming me and my family would be a dream too sweet for words.

Enveloping myself in the warmth of grace and holy power and being with the ones who have watched over me for generations.

What about a fountain?

A fountain is wonderful.

location - in the hallway walking to class -

Randy-kun! I'm afraidd i must stop you for a brief moment of your time~ It's unfortunate that I must interrupt you when you making your way with the utmost confidence and beauteous face. Alas, this is something i must know.

Ah, Wataru. The songbird that fills my life with meaning. Is it much to say I know why the caged bird sings after encountering a creature like you? Your beauty is second to none, It's a blessing being able to see you on a day like today. What brings you to me, songbird?

Your flattery is unmatched as always. Truly, your way with words is something most would kill for. I long to see you on stage~! Where you can fill the audience with the immaculate presence you possess and carry.

Really... That is too much. You are the one that can lift a performance from the ashes. Perhaps a songbird can't match your true worth enough. A phoenix that can rise from anything is your greatest strength, The power you possess to move with more flexibility and grace than a panther.

AMAZING~! Randy truly you are a diamond in a world of gravel. Ara ara, I seem to be getting sidetracked. I came here to ask what your favorite color is! How my own greedy desires fail me, I don't want to take more of your time and leave you late for your next engagement in.. Algebra.

You are more than alright, dear friend. The songbird that whispers hymns in my ear and the phoenix that lifts me from my despairs could never be a bother on me. My favorite color is one you may call... "Lavender"

Translation: Carnival
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