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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)

Hello, my dear Randy.

It's me, Luca. hiii ♪ this is so embarrassing haha~ I really hope that you enjoy this present and your birthday in general this year, I'm glad we get to spend another one together (true) ☆ I treasure you greatly as one of my goodest and closest friends. you're one of the funniest people I've ever met and I wish to give you 100,000 matches and this is no lie.

keep talking to me

if you died I wuld kill everyone in the world

hello randy! cute hiro here to say happy birthday! please ignore eich on the side he is my government assigned faceclaim!! but anyway im obsessed with you and your art and everything and also you are funny asf. im glad i got to see you warm up to carnival and that we’re besties now. you are everything to me,


we should talk more.

happy birthday randy!!!

i hope you have a great brithday this year :] you WILL like this present. im thankful we've spent another year as friends together. you are our prankster silly Amazing~☆ randy and we love you, your jokes, your art, all very very much. he's so taleted. never stop being randal you are a special little randal i wish you all the best


Happy birthday randay!! Your very owm chow here. I hope you have a good birthday with your horses and just know how happy i am to be your friend :happey: lets continue on this beautiful road of friendship (or something more..) Together...💖

I am no slave, I am your attendant, bocchama.

happy birthday, randy! I'm really glad we've stayed friends since carnival was first created. I wish we talked more, I think you are so funny and strange and having you around is always nice. and your art is something I admire a lot, you have so much skill and I'm always envious how fast you're able to draw. I hope you have a good birthday this year and enjoy your present!

- sasha

APPY BIRTJDAY RANDY YAYYY!! I hope you enjoy our little carnival gift to you this year I wish you a happy day :)Another aquarius win tbh. Lets hope for many more. We should talk more.

- From your dear Nez

Translation: Carnival
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