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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)

Ah~ Randy’s birthday is certainly going to be an exciting celebration won’t it...

absolutely rei, but before we “celebrate” we have to “prepare.”

Oh, of course Shinkai-Kun, we have to decide on a location and who to invite, yes?

yes~ in my “opinion” the “location” should be the “fountain.”

Why the fountain? Isn’t that just because that’s your favorite place?

i heard that “randy” would “enjoy” the “fountain” very much as well~ 🎵

Well, I would not. Even if it’s winter, I absolutely cannot stand being outside for too long. I believe we should have it inside.

but if we are “inside” the “atmosphere” will still be “school-like” and not “birthday”


Bocchama, I know it is winter at the moment, but the pool desperately needs cleaning, and your family’s workers haven’t showed up once again.

(This is certainly a great opportunity...)

Ah, Hello Fushimi-Kun, I happened to overhear that the school pool needs cleaning! Me and Shinkai-kun would be happy to clean it for you and Himemiya-kun free of charge!

Really!? Thank you so much Sakuma-senpai!!

Of course Himemiya-kun, just make sure you leave us be for a while since there’s going to be heavy chemicals in the air, and we wouldn’t want the young idols of Yumenosaki exposed to such harmful substances 🎵


Aoi-kun and Aoi-kun. make sure the pool is extra clean, since it is a special occasion!

I don’t understand why you couldn’t do this yourselves.

Yeah Sakuma-Senpai, We appreciate you and all but this is hard!

I am but an old man, this much work would definitely cause me to pass on~

Shinkai-kun, for out invitations, who were we supposed to invite again?

lets see~ natsume mentioned “@puppytonio” and “@ofmontrealsfan” specifically... but i “think” we should also “create” special invitations for shu, wataru, and natsume~

I definitely agree, Alright let me write these down...

Time passes...

ah this “water” is very “nice.” thank you very much “twins.”

I agree, you did a wonderful job. Now I need you go deliver these invitations for me~🎵


(.00002 seconds later) THERE'S MORE?!

Translation: Carnival
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