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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Location: Oddball Secret Room

Ahem. Hello everyone I hope you’ve all gathered the information that was needed to get this plan into motion. I take it that you did, yes?

We all went over what questions to ask throughout the day, and without suspicion?

Ahaha of course...! I asked Randy where his ideal “location” for a party was.. and he told me he would “love” the pool ♪

Okay, I’m not sure if that’s really what hE SAID. But we will have to take your word for IT.

As for me, I did get to ask what he was doing after SCHOOL. I managed to convince him to come with me while you all do the preparations for later tODAY.

Yes yes yes.. I believe we all managed to steal away enough to know what Randy would fancy. Though, I am still unsure of if this can be done without issued arising.

As you know, not all of us will able to cooperate well enough without proper instruction.....

Hoho.. I expected this problem, so here is my solution: We split into groups to take on responsibilities for preparing the party.

Natsume, since you asked Randy to meet you after school, you’ll act on your own as a distraction.

Kanata and Rei, you both must invite those who will participate in this event, as well as keep the party location a secret from the school who wouldn’t allow such a thing to occur. Again.

Now..... That leaves Wataru and I for decorations, food, and such. How bothersome. Well, that is something I must face on my own.

Fufufu... I am excited for what I have planned to keep Randy occupIED. It is something I’ve been anticipating for quite a while NOW, and I’m sure Randy will be impreSSED. Maybe even... in LOVE?

I am delighted to hear such good arrangements from everyone! This will definitely end in a fantastic party Randy will surely appreciate. Oohh I can’t wait~!

(Throws around confetti from his sleeves)


I suggest we take every moment given to us and start the progression towards our event now... Shall we?

Let us disperse into the night that calls us huhu ♪

Translation: Carnival
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