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Writer: 日日日 (Akira)
Location: Secret Room

Ah, there you are, Randy. I was just searching for you.

I'm doing an experiment at the moment and it seems that I need an assistant, and I figured you would be my best option.

The experiment requires that I would use someone I... feel a connection with, to put it simply. Yes, I mean you, Randy.

You see, I've always felt some sort of kinship with you. When I watch you in the footage of the cameras I have around campus, it's almost like watching myself... Peculiar, isn't it?

So take my hand and follow me.

Here lies the experiment. Are you impressed by the secret passages I have around campus? This is just one of them, there are many, many more. I’ve spent centuries of my life creating these passages and through my endeavors, I’ve found that this school is more connected than anyone would think, almost like the construction workers who built it were anticipating my presence…

Peculiar, right?

*Gasp* I would also spend my life making secret passages in buildings.

Ahah… I had a feeling you would share my sentiment. “Something we can get along over” as anyone else would put it. There are many aspects like this between you and I. It’s almost like it’s purposeful... Let us start the experiment, shall we?

To start this, I’ll need a biological sample. May I take a hair from your head?

Are you taking my hair to inspect my DNA?

Very keen observation there. That sort of intuition is something I would expect from you. Haha… very peculiar. Now, I’ll just take a look at your head and take a sample…

Wow… Your head is so beautiful, I hadn’t noticed until now… You must take such good care of it. In fact, taking a closer inspection of your person, there are many things I hadn’t noticed about you before. Watching you on my camera only shows me so much information.

This sudden attraction I feel… It is out of this world! If I keep looking at your head, I’ll never get this experiment finished in time. I need to input this sample along with mine now.

Your sample?

Yes, mixing a sample of my hair along with yours will finally give me the answers I’ve been looking for.

When I said I feel a kinship with you, I didn’t mean just a sense of compatibility with. I feel something stronger. Maybe that was why I suddenly felt an attraction to you just now, on a molecular level.

Randy… We are one and the same. And this experiment will prove it once and for all!

The hairs, they’re dissolving…! Yes! Yes! The chemical mixture is reacting…!


You’re freaking me out.

Randy! Now that it’s been proven, we must go! It’s incredibly important! You must prepare your oddballs!!!

Translation: Carnival
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