My Lord ChowMello I am calling to you with the most respect tonight to thank you for all that you have given me. I am so blessed to receive your care in my life, you have guided me through the most difficult times. I am only here today because of you, and for that I am forever greatful. Every day I pray to you who is here with me in all moments of my life. This last year was filled with good fortune thanks to you and I hope that these offerings will be enough to satisfy you. We will forever be in debt to you. If you so wish, I will sacrifice anyone to you, including myself. I have heard that you enjoyed human sacrifices in particular, so I will be mentally preparing for that any time in the future. I hope that once my life ends you will appear next to me to take me to the other side with you. I have created my whole life for you, this must be enough for you to accept me. Please. Also I would appreciate it if you could make the Coronavirus leave the earth. Your powerful energy has caused much chaos in the world recently due to your strength growing from your followers offerings. I understand this is a huge favor to ask of you but I promise that if you do make it go awway that carnival will give you so muchj more and increase our loyalty to you. Thank you for listening to me, our all knowing powerful ChowdaMello von Phantomhive. I thank you to the bottom of my heart, amen.


chowda chaaaan! im so happy you came home yesterday and it only took 8 pulls ❤ your birthday box scared me a little bit but im glad i still pulled your new card. i love being chowdaP and i would never P anyone else. i love your duality and problematicness it just makes you more interesting and crazy. i remember when i first saw you. you instantly caught my attention. your [BLEEP] hair and [BLEEP] eyes were gorgeous to me. absolutely impossible to ignore you... i was so invested in your character arc where you killed half the school. so many people find you problematic but just dont understand your character like i do. you’re misunderstood. mischaracterized. disregarded. but i could never do that to you. i know the connection we have is special and i feel the waves between us even when i just look at pictures of you. i will forever be the number 1 ChowdaP and no one can take that title away from me because i know what we have is unique and i treasure it every moment i live, and i know no one will even get close to the level of feelings i have for you. my itabag for you is coming along nicely as well! i currently have 800 tin buttons, 90 rubber straps, and 5 jumbo manjuus i keep on my couch. i love seeing them when i wake up and squishing them. it almost feels like we’re living together sometimes haha... i would love that. but anyway, happy birthday chowda, never change.


I am Luca from Philapdelphia 27M. Everyone here seems to want their prayers answered by Our Prince, desires to meet Our Prince... He's been taunting me daily for years at this point. Unlike the rest of you he has never been my prince. is there anyway to separate or remove Chow from you? How to make this horrendous spirit leave?Please help. It has been 3 years since I mistakenly summoned him. I see his evil eyes everyday is there anyway to undo this or am i linked with this beast until I die? I'm sick of hearing others experience with mello I just want to know if anyone has succeeded in causing him to leave. There is not a single thing this man if you can even call him that has done for me so far in the four years he has made his presence known to me It all started when I was forced to church with some high school friends one day. As soon as I put my head down in fake prayer among the pews his image came to mind and he said the words "I'm gonna rock your world" I have asked him time and time again why he needs to hurt my world and me but he wont say. all he does is laugh Hes given my corona virus at this point I am sure because I didnt go anywhere yet i have it. He lays next to me at night and tells me of all the things he's done to this world he said he is the reason judas betrayed And at this point I would believe it. he watches me burn sage and Wish for the vanishing of his existence he takes baths with me. Someone please tell me how to rid myself of this monster the only clue I got is he said when malleus comes He's out of here who is malleus


I’ve been staying awake at nights, wondering if I should tell you, but then again I’m wondering if you even know my name. I’m in love with the smile you give me when we’re not even talking. I want to be with you, it is as simple and as complicated as this. If you're someone, tell him they say, forget about the rules or the fear of being ridiculous. What is truly ridiculous is passing up on an opportunity to tell someone that your heart is invested in him. I wish it was that easy, I really wish. It’s not only that you make me happy or that I like talking to you, it's that I know I’ve found someone who loves me beyond what I could imagine and accepts me for who I am, unconditionally. Because I’m just too shy to tell you how I feel, so I hide behind timid smiles and soft hellos. I’m afraid if I ask you ‘what do you think of me?’ your answer will just be 'I don’t’. A lot of people may not understand or even try, but your twusted wonderland meta does have an affect on people. Your eyes, your voices and your story. It inspires people around to “love yourself” or give us the credit we deserve. And even if it may not look like, but I am getting to love myself everyday because of you. Baby steps you see. So yeah… I’m not that pretty, i’m not that smart, I’m clumsy and messy and i’m sure there’s a tons of girls better than me, but I like you, and I just can’t shake you out of my head and this was the best way I found to finally confess… I also like fortune-telling, so I can relate to him a bit. The best thing to do is to crush this piece of paper and throw it away and forget everything, just like I will try to forget you. Thank you for reading this all the way Mello. Saranghaeyo A Forever Grateful Randy


Senor Dios Padre Chow Mello Jose Guatier Phantomhive, we celebrate your Holy birth on the month of Garnets on this year with upmost gratitude and sincerity for everything you have done for us and we ask with our hands held high that you continue to bless us con tu divinidad until we rest in your hands as your subjects in your land and with our repentance and the knowledge that we will never be higher than you that you may accept us and embrace us in our death, we as apostles will forever follow you until we rest and seek out your hands to create us and heal us, we are lower than you and forever in your debt. To our Ciel. To our Sylivain. To our Riddle and Lilia. Happy birthday. Amen.


Our most holy duke, I give unto thee this prayer of gratitude. Lord and savior, harbinger of vengance, god of the trickster. Today, we celebrate your deliverance from the heavenly bodies into the mortal coil, a gift from the divine unto humanity. Most holy sent from above, I pray for bountiful blessings and good health in the coming year for you. I have worked endlessly in spreading your good word across the nations, offering the blessings of your holy name to the masses. As your most dedicated apostle, I will spend my days preaching in every temple, every hall, every city and town on the love you give to your chosen followers. I wish to enter holy communion with you and your beloved disciples on this most holy day of your birthday, for today a gift was born unto us. Heed this prayer of thanksgiving for the gifts you have bestowed upon your humble followers. Amen.

Happy birthday, .